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NOU AND PARTNERS were founded in 2017 by Attorney NouTepirith, senior partners work in legal practice as a legal profession around 24 years ago since 1993. Prior to starting the firm, Attorney NouTepirith had practiced law as a public defender appointed by UNTAC (United Nations Authorities To Cambodia) in 1993. He was sworn in March 1998 and became a lawyer of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia in 1998 who conceived the idea established the law firm up in December 2003 with his partners. Then completed Master of Private Law in 2007 (LUM).

Our firm and my long vision, that see, the Cambodia integration TO Globalization (ASEAN-WTO and other organizations), need more legal transactions and legal service. Especially on the Growth of Economic, Financial, Bank, Corporation, Investment, Real Estate, Infrastructure, etc… in the private sector and public field. In currently our firm practices on the services in virtually in every civil and criminal area of law with an emphasis on the many keys practice area such as family law, criminal litigation, business and legal transaction, criminal defending, real estate, IESIA/ESIA, and Projects, Infrastructure, corporate commercial, banking and finance, administrator duties and services, intellectual property, etc.

Nou & Partners Law Office’s clients include many of the major investors in Cambodia. While there are other firms in the region that may handle the initial stages of the investment process, there are few who have the practical local experience and the in-country presence to advise at every stage of a client’s business. Not only are we well equipped to handle the “upstream” licensing and negotiation stages of the investment process, but also the “downstream” legal issues that arise on a day to day basis.

Nou & Partners Law Office offers a full range of commercial and corporate legal services and litigation to foreign and local investors operating in Cambodia. The firm provides local legal expertise for every phase of an investment – from initial contacts, licensing, negotiations with the government and joint venture partners, land purchasing, leasing, and financing, to operational issues such as labor, taxation, corporate governance, and other contractual matters and litigations (including Alternative Dispute Resolution).

In the law and near the future, I do hope the Cambodia Economic and more fields above will grow and continues and fast developed instability, peaceful and progress need strong a legal system and quality of juridical (independence court) in the high standard of justice. Our firm will contribute and share my legal profession and legal services in the market defined and the great new job market for the new generation.

Upstream services are:

  • Providing legal opinions on local law and procedure
  • Obtaining business or project licenses
  • Drafting joint venture agreements and other legal documentation
  • Incorporation and registration of companies
  • Assistance with legal aspects of financing and banking
  • Investigations and project finance.

Downstream services are:

  • Labor Law, employment contracts and related matters
  • Ownership, lease, titling, and registration of land
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property
  • Taxation
  • Corporate governance
  • Dispute resolution

NOU AND PARTNERS represent diverse clients on both sides and a range of activities.
The three capital name of a lawyer, it does define meaning as follows:

  • Neutral (N)
  • Trust (T)
  • Rule (R)

Empowerment: We will empower people with the confidence to confront issues.
Communication: We engage in open communication, sharing information, and creating passivity.
Respect: We will value people for their ideas/goals and encourage their contributions.
Equality: We will treat people equally and fairly with equal access to opportunities.
Relationships: We will work together with and be trusted long term advisors to our clients.
Service: We will assist clients to make smart, informed decisions.
Accessibility: We will be accessible to our clients and respond to their needs quickly.
Care: We will care about our client’s business and help drive their business to succeed.